Create an online interactive digital image gallery. The gallery is comprised of a growing library of still photos. The stills reflect and illustrate the esteemed virtues of unity, kindness, sharing, friendship, courage, love and joy.

The photos are created and submitted from our audience’s own personal lens. Both the viewers and the creators reap the benefits of being a part of a community that seeks and believes and express inclusiveness, kindness and peace. When you participate in acts of kindness and live with principle of acceptance and tolerance you feel good about yourself. Imagine is to create a movement that you want to be part of, a movement that believes in living a life in peace. The images are comprised of positive values make you feel happier, more optimistic and connected.

The gallery’s ever-increasing community is founded on inclusiveness and positivity. This is in direct opposition to building a wall. The objective of the digital image gallery is to create a global community that we can lessen societal barriers and ‘take the wall down.’

Images are universally understood. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The images are meaningful, heartfelt and memorable. They serve to remind us of our shared values and virtues. Photos are taken through your own personal lens. The images create a picture in your mind of basic goodness. Imagine’s categories for the images are; unity, kindness, sharing, friendship, courage, love and joy.

The Imagine photo gallery can only be successful through interactive participation. The online interactive gallery offers the opportunity to gather and share stills with your friends,

community and the world. This is an opportunity to be a part of a positive and empowering collective.

Heywyre’s team and Heywyre’s platform understands the strategies and assets of digital technology. Through our interactive platform we target, engage, amplify, create and host meaningful content. Feel good about sharing heartfelt, positive photos knowing they result in
more compassionate, unified and vibrant communities.

We understand that a movement starts with one person. Martin Luther King played a key role in the American civil rights movement. Mahatma Gandhi was known for his freedom movement, committed to non-violence and inspiring millions of people.

Images can and do inspire, connect and heal.

The objective is to express through images a world where people choose kindness over violence, empathy over cruelty, love over hatred and courage over fear.

There is scientific evidence that states the exposure to images of unity, kindness and peace can make people happier, and more understanding.

Recently there has been a constant outpouring of hateful, divisive news through article and images that negatively target people who are from different countries who may look differently, speak different languages, and pray differently. This constant outpouring of divisive messaging leaves people afraid, angry and focused on our differences.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to interact in a positive meaningful way where we hold dear and look at virtues of unity, kindness, sharing, friendship, courage, love and joy. Take down the wall rather than ‘building more walls’.


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