The Evolution of LED

The Evolution of LED

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LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor light source with a p-n junction that emits light when current passes through it. This was a big step in the technological world, leaping from analog to digital electricity. LED lamps are electrical bulbs which use this light emitting diode for illumination. It has highly challenged the traditional lighting and soon will outrun it in the field of lighting fixtures. It poses to be the smart choice as compared to other illumination methods available in the market today. Many government and privately-run manufacturing companies are working to ensure that LED light becomes the only light source used by the public all over the country due to its efficiency. They are extremely eco-friendly.

They are extremely eco-friendly.

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Changes Brought by LED:

These lamps are 80% more energy efficient, which has a positive impact on the electricity bills. One of the biggest reasons for replacing incandescent light bulbs is that LED doesn’t heat up. In the summer season it is a must have. They are very long-lasting which reduces the chances of constant replacement of bulbs and going up and down the ladder. They are available in soft daylight and warm white colors which adds a soft touch to the interior of the room. These lights are 100% recyclable and are capable of reducing the carbon footprints.

A big step towards a healthier environment.

It has clearly replaced the CFLs by a wide margin.


LED lighting is a form of digital light which is very clean and environment friendly. The long life of these lights is outstanding with a life time of generally up to 50,000 hours. These LED light bulbs instantly startup and do not require any time to warmup. They work very efficiently in the cold weather and are relatively more durable as they are manufactured out of plastic rather than glass. They claim to not use mercury at all which plays an important role in setting them apart from the commonly used CFLs. They consume very less electricity making them much more economical. They are much safer with reduced chances of combustion. The epoxy lenses of these LED lights make them resistible to breakage.

Varied Options:

There is a whole lot variety comprising of different designs such as 3-Way LED, Standard Shape, Vintage Designs of the Edison, Victorian style, Wet Location bulbs, Decorative Tubes, Tape Lights, Shatter-Resistant and Night Lights.

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