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Portland – A Craft Beer for Every Palate

Portland – A Craft Beer for Every Palate

Portland, Oregon is synonymous with an amazing selection of local craft beer breweries, food trucks and their love (or the tourists’ love) of doughnuts. Your ability to find a great pint, and at a reasonable cost, stretches from eco-focused laundromats to great bars such as Apex and now, delivery through Amazon Prime. What a time to be alive.

If you’re visiting Portland, stumbling upon a new brewery or craft bar is inevitable and worthy of investigation. Many are kid-friendly, some are dog-friendly, and all are people-friendly whether you are new to craft beer or a seasoned connoisseur.   

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Here is a mix of breweries to please a wide-array of palates:

Hair of the Dog – 61 SE Yamhill Street

Hair of the Dog produce unique beers, many of which are bottle-conditioned and have sat in barrels to project an oaky, earthy, and alcohol-warming profile.

With 12 of their craft beers on tap, bottles to consume on-site or to take home, and taster-size options in adorable mini tulip glasses, you may find yourself here for a couple of hours. Vintage bottles are consumable on site only. Their food menu ranges from cheese plates to sandwiches – I highly recommend the Chuck Norris Duck Wings (caution: they are spicy hot!).


Deschutes Brew Pub – 210 Northwest 11th Avenue

Established in 1988 in Bend, OR, and now distributing to 28 states, BC and Alberta, this is a popular stop to experience a line-up of 26 taps. Their beers include seasonal and one-off beers only available on site as well as their mainstays such as Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter. Growler fills and bottle sales are also available on site. As a pub, they have a diverse menu from snacks to steak. Try the pretzel with creamy white cheese and Black Butte Porter stone mustard, and the Black Butte Porter Mac & Cheese, which is made with their Black Butte Porter cheddar and blue cheese sauce. Yum.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House – 939 SE Belmont Street

If you enjoy a tart beer, Cascade is one of the founding pacific northwest breweries to master this flavour profile, and is within walking distance from Hair of the Dog. They use unique ingredients, barrel-age many of their beers, and aren’t afraid to experiment. They currently have more than 1,400 French oak, Kentucky bourbon and Northwest wine barrels to host their beer.

You will be greeted by a rotating list of beers including Live from the Barrel and Blender Reserve Taps that have been pulled out from the cellar. Tasters are sold two at a time and the food menu includes snacks, soup/salad and sandwiches.

This is just a small taste of Portland’s brewery scene. If you’d like to keep exploring, this

Portland Map will show you breweries, bars, bottle shops and even food! Cheers!

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