No Magic Solution: 6 Cons of Renewable Energy

No Magic Solution: 6 Cons of Renewable Energy

Renewable resources are all the hype nowadays. Renewable energy companies are springing out left and right. But will all the hype live up to its promises?

Let’s face the fact that there are many environmentalist groups out there that are actively advocating the people to revert and minimize the usage of non-renewable energy. But is it really worth the time and effort for the people to go green?

Going green is not an overnight make over session with your favorite stylist. It takes money, sweat, and patience to have a fully converted eco friendly home. There are seven points to remember before joining mother earth’s campaign.


1. Eco Friendly is not Consumer Friendly

Sure the trend has been set and many companies have joined in the fad but those true blue advocates have money to burn in their pockets. Solar panels or wind mills are not easy on the wallet. A solar panel costs a hefty sum; consider buying four or five of them to cut down your electricity bill by a half. Not to mention that these technology is not widely available elsewhere.

They have to be specially ordered and professionally installed to be fully functional. It may be beneficial in two or three year’s time but at the start it’s just all bills and no gain.

2. High maintenance gadgetry may hurt the wallet’s feelings

It may sound rough but truth hurts. Unlike automobiles which can be maintained by good old dad, these gadgets must be maintained by a professional to be able too meet maximum potential and satisfactory performance.

3. With renewable energy, Mother Nature is in control

Complete dependency to renewable energy may seem bleak at the moment especially with the extreme climate change that the world is experiencing. On the contrary, severe climate changes were caused by pollution and global warming. The people are just reaping what they sow.

4. Sources of Renewable energy depend on geographic location

As the old saying goes, “we can’t win ’em all” panels and mills need to be situated in a location wherein there is abundance of the resource. It’s a no- brainer to say that hydroelectric mills shouldn’t be installed in the desert.

5. Renewable sometimes means more pollution

Some sources stinks, literally! Biomass is one of the most abundant renewable resources on the planet and it would be a waste not to use it to produce millions of wattage of power. However, large scale harvesting of biomass need a facility far away from towns and villages for security reasons. Another is that biomass contributes to pollution and global warming with the emission of greenhouse gases released by the waste products.

6. More renewable energy needs more time

The fore fathers of modern technology depended on oil and coal thinking that it would be available forever for future consumption not knowing that a huge energy crisis would hit the people straight in the eye. To be able to see dramatic changes in the community it would take at least a century to fully dispose of everything that is non-eco friendly or at least half of it.

Renewable energy cannot immediately fully sustain the growing world’s needs. Sure there is nuclear energy but the use of it is still debatable. Unlike wind, solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal, nuclear has more cons to human life as to it being useful. It does cut down electricity and energy consumption. It takes a lot of trouble, and the main question, will renewable energy really save the world?

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