Men Ride Hogs | Women Ride Harleys

Men Ride Hogs | Women Ride Harleys

Rev up your engines! It’s time we talk Harley! No not Harley! Not Harley Quinn. Let’s talk the original Harley! I’m talking about Harley Davidson. One out of every ten motorcycle enthusiasts is a woman and 63 percent of them heart Harley Davidson. Why you ask? Harley has done an awful lot to challenge stereotypes and make hogs made “girl friendly”. Go, Harley! Go, Harley!

Harley is a strong supporter of the International Female Ride Day, a global event which has been going on for 11 years. Check it out here. The event is popular from places as far-flung as El Paso to Dubai to Cape Town South Africa. This event occurs yearly on the first Saturday of every May. The aim of the day is to challenge stereotypes and inspire women to ride with no boundaries. Can I see bad-ass “Girl power” air punches, please!

When Harley Davidson is not partnering to challenge stereotypes the company does have a day job. Harley uses its day job to change the face of the “easy rider” by changing the seats and motorcycles themselves.

It is no secret that women riders tend to be shorter than their male counterparts. A fact that our friends at good old Harley clearly took notice of. In 2009, for example, Harley broke the rear saddle mould and came up with the Harley Davidson Super Reduced Reach Seat. Oh yesss!

The bucket-shaped saddle moved the rider 2.5 inches further forward and provided for enhanced backrest. This low profile seat literally feels like Harley thought of the female bike enthusiast. It moves the riders position closer to the front handlebars and the foot controls. Don’t believe me just watch this!

Outside of their seats, Harley designed a range of bikes specifically with women in mind. From lightweight to middleweight and heavyweight bikes, Harley weighed in and put their design and ingenuity where their well-worn leather is.

Middleweight motorcycles are the most popular category amongst women. In this category, the Harley Davidson Street Glide just might be the most popular bike out there. First introduced in 2006, this super cool model was the bike that first started the custom bagger craze amongst lady bikers. That goes to show just how future-forward Harley Davidson is. Harley has been “trending” even before YouTube borrowed the phrase! The current 2014 model has only served to continue not only the custom cool of the original but also features a seat height of 26.1 inches keeping ladies heads amongst the clouds and our feet very close to our foot controls.

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In 2011 Harley went at it again and gave female bike enthusiasts another such work of art, this time in the lightweight introductory bike category. The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow XL. The 2011 model replaced the previous 883L model. With a seat height of 25.5 inches, this entry level hog just so happens to be the most popular motorcycle ridden by women today! The Superlow XL is not named such for no reason. It has an ultra-low seat and smaller front wheels which has the rider sitting even lower. Oh, and the L in XL stands for low too, not sure what you were thinking about you dirty dirty girl you!

I love that Harley Davidson has several bikes that feature highly for female riders. Amongst motorcycles powered by Harley’s bigger V twin engine of 1690cc or 103 engines (these engines) are affectionately known as the “big twin” engines) the Softail Deluxe is queen.

The Softail is the Harley that women who ride heavy bikes tend to go for the most between Harley’s big twin options and sports an extremely low seat height of 24.5 inches. The Softail’s ultra-low center of gravity is a lady low rider’s dream. Proud Softail owners experience a powerful hog that can more than handle days of long road touring. In case you were wondering, the Softail just might be my next bike! Hopefully in time for next year’s International Female Ride Day! Cuumoooooon… let’s get ready to ride baby!

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