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Outlaw Sports – Mayweather vs McGregor Superfight

Outlaw Sports – Mayweather vs McGregor Superfight

Sports most outrageous dual, Mike Lownsbrough and Eric Francis. Fresh uncut takes on sports most intriguing and controversial topics. This time,┬áMike and Eric talk about the Mayweather vs McGregor superfight! Once the worlds’ most popular sport, how has it become nothing more than an exhibition with no real story-line. It features over-hyped, unworthy combatants. One is past his prime and the other has never boxed until this Saturday.

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Mike is a seasoned professional, working as a content producer and host for music, sports and life style programming. Experience includes being on air for eighteen years with Global TV as a host, producer and reporter for Sports@11; interviewing some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment.

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  1. Can’t wait to see McGregor get his ass kicked on the net after the fact he is such a cocky little shit. However I’m not contributing any of my hard earned coinage to their financial empire. Highlights after the fight are fine by me . I would on the other hand pay to see you go a few rounds with Brett the hitman Hart. Cheers fellas. Smitty out.

  2. I belive UFC has a niche fan base. I think boxing has a niche fan base.

    I think Eric made a really interesting point here, he has never watched UFC ans has mever watched a Floyd fight. It’s interesting because with this Frankenstein’s monster of sporting events both sports have stepped outside their fan bases to allure to the casual observer. Now, $100 a pop may limit that again but with all the marketing appear of these 2 yahoos everyone walks away rich regardless. This is the sporting equivalent of the Jersey shore, no one can actually explain why the hell they are tuning in but they ARE tuning in.

  3. I stand corrected.
    While the fight ended how most expected, with an exhausted Connor, this fight was far more exciting and entertaining than I had expected.
    Both fighters put on a good show and certainly didn’t bore the audience in any capacity. Until he started to tire Connor did seem to force some reactions from Mayweather. Muscle memory seemed an issue with the clinch game and the hammer fists to the back of the head.
    But ultimately I was really shocked and owe an apology to both millionaires for thinking this would be dull.

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