On behalf of Heywyre Enterprises Inc. (HWE) it is our pleasure to invite you to be a profitable investor in the digital media industry through the Heywyre brand. Heywyre is a digital media and marketing corporation that features an online destination for our viewers and brand partners. Our demographics cover; lifestyle, sports, travel, food, entertainment and business. Heywyre also offers e-commerce opportunities.

Our social news, business, entertainment and marketing endeavors target and serve a highly engaged audience that consumes video, audio, articles and purchases online. Accessible across platforms, on mobile devices, laptops and iPads. Heywyre’s’ targeted viewership and brand partners expect us to be relevant, connect to their lives, be easily shareable, and globally accessible. We are positioned to meet and exceed these expectations.


  • Content: Original, fresh, compelling, thought provoking.  TARGET ENGAGE AMPLIFY CREATE HOST
  • Share, inspire, inform, influence trends.
  • Team: A balanced core team that is committed to be highly successful.
  • Website: HEYWYRE  designed, managed and maintained by the best UX/UI developers.


  • Advertising: Heywyre provides a coordinated, cross platform advertising strategy. Campaigns run simultaneously across all our topic categories, our social and business platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Sponsorship: Heywyre produces original content that is paid through sponsorship and partnership.
  • E-Commerce: Heywyre provides opportunities for affiliate partners and private labels.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Heywyre’s CMS delivers to the right audience at the right time. Every time.
  • Amplify: Through strategic collaboration, likes and shares we elevate the opportunities for ROI through continual increase in unique viewers.

ASK:  Financial investment opportunities (a) common shares, (b)  debentures, (c) convertible debentures:  

SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENTS @$ 0.50 per share (Subscription agreement available)

1)    $50,000.00 – 100,000 Common Shares

3)    $100,00.00 – 200,000 Common Shares

Your investment dollars are utilized to grow the properties under the corporate brand of HWE. With your investment dollars we are committed to continually grow our business, further develop the web platform, the operational infrastructure, content, e-commerce and advertising campaigns.

Thank you for your valued time and for your consideration to be part of the Heywyre team. Yours truly,

Colleen Clandening CEO