Imitate Natural Light for Spaces Devoid of Windows

Imitate Natural Light for Spaces Devoid of Windows

We all would love to spend our time in glass clad rooms, surrounded by expansive views of the sea or maybe a lush green meadow or a forest, but the truth is not every space will have such luxury. There are bound to be some spaces where you don’t even get a window. Whether in the office or a basement apartment. This does not mean the room is bound to look gloomy. The following are ways to create a living space feeling as though it is filled with natural light.


Adding multiple light sources in conjunction with the typical overhead lighting instantly creates a much softer, defused light effect that mimics natural light. The use of lamps of varying heights will help achieve this effect. Another effective way to achieve this, is to hide the light source or the lamp behind furniture, shelves or beams. This technique tricks the senses into believing that the luminous glow is natural light.


The color scheme of a room plays an important role in determining how the eye perceives light. Light colors reflect the light while dark colors absorb it.  Pastel warm color schemes make the space look flushed with soft natural light. For example, the choice of a soft yellow or an amber palette lends itself to the room offering a sun kissed feel.


Adding plants in a room gives the room a more natural feel that distracts from the fact that the room lacks sunlight.  They add a brighter mood to the room. Cast iron plants, snake plants, Chinese evergreen and peace lily are perfect choices to place in windowless rooms as they can all tolerate low-light. If live plants are not an option they can be replaced with artificial ones.

Another way to introduce natural elements in the room is by placing a wall paper of an outdoor landscape on the key wall of the room. The light colored sky will reflect the light off from the wall giving the illusion of natural light filtering into the room.



Placing sizable mirrors on the walls help scatter light and create a better lit space. Disguising mirrors in window frames and dressing them with curtains also creates the illusion of a window. Do not underestimate the importance of small metallic objects such as gold door knobs, silver photo frames or brass candlesticks. They also play a vital role in diffusing the light in the room and creating a soft warm glow that of a sun.


There are many options available on the market for “false” windows. These false windows combine integrated lighting with window frames or window blinds to give the illusion of sunlight filtering through. They even come with brightness controls so that the light can increase and reduce with the time of the day. If buying such a product is not optional, one can DIY one by installing LED lights behind a frosted glass window frame and dressing it up with some translucent curtains.


Taking this need to mimic natural light in closed spaces one step further, manufacturers have come up with some high tech solutions in the form of Biomimicry Lighting.  Biomimicry is an innovative approach that attempts to emulate nature’s patterns and strategies. It bridges the most fundamental difference between artificial light and natural light. These lights change over time,  intensity, color, direction and quality.

USAI Lighting Color Select offers tunable white LED technology that unlocks the potential of personalized lighting, replacing a variety of sources as well as recreating the feel of natural daylight with one fixture type. By allowing end-users to change the LED color temperature from 6000K down to 2200K of light to suit the types of activities they’re performing.

CoeLux is a virtual window that not only delivers faux daylight to enclosed spaces but also provides views of the sky. It relies on a photorealistic rendering engine that was capable of accurately simulating sky and sunlight. It is available in the form of a sky light as well as a window.

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