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What Would Change in Your Organization if You Had Great Managers?

What Would Change in Your Organization if You Had Great Managers?

Organizations are only as successful as the leaders who run them, namely their managers. What are the three most important characteristics of great managers? And how can it change your business? The difference between good managers and great managers are the ways they develop themselves. Being a manager isn’t enough, personal development and consistent learning is pivotal for any manager to make a difference in any organization.


Finding a mentor

Managers who seek a career mentor are ones who truly care about their career development. Going a step further are those who find mentors they have not directly reported to. While its easy to identify other’s short comings, it might not be as easy to identify your own. Seeking mentorship from someone who is more seasoned, is a way to self reflect and change your operating style and in turn help your organization. Mentorship is about transferring knowledge, gaining objective feedback, and expanding your professional network. This key information is valuable to be a more effective employee and promote personal success.

Professional Development

Seeking learning opportunities and taking courses outside your day-to-day obligations are makings of a great manager. For example, our Management Fundamentals Program allows managers or aspiring managers the tools that are measurable learnings for success. Professional development courses allow managers to keep up-to-date on tangible learnings and applicable strategies can later be implemented in a work setting.

Goal Setting

Managers who make quantifiable quarterly or annual goals for themselves, are the ones who set up their organizations for success. Setting attainable standards and outlining actionable items to achieve them, creates self motivation. Once employees see their managers holding themselves responsible, they too can be accountable to uphold this standard.

The difference between successful companies and mediocre ones are the people in which you employ. Motivated managers who put time and effort into their professional development, are the ones who will make businesses flourish. Lastly, managers who set ambitious yet attainable goals, take pride in themselves and their work.

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