Best Games of 2017

Best Games of 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn

Earth is No More Ours – Horizons Zero Dawn game is an elating new world activity pretending diversion only for the Xbox, PC and PS4 Systems. This game has top-notch graphics. The gameplay is just superb. The character design and the storytelling is just excellent. Horizon Zero Dawn is arguably one of the best open world game of 2017. When you play this game, you will just immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world with all wonders and machines.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game is magical. You just cannot express the feeling after you play games for few hours. Highly addictive game of 2017. This is a fresh addition to the Zelda series with a brand new physics engine. It keeps you occupied. You can freely roam anywhere and build your game on that. Gameplay is very smooth and consistent.


Resident Evil 7

Dread and separation leak through the walls of a surrendered southern farmhouse. ‘7’ denotes a fresh start for survival frightfulness with the “Confined View” of the instinctive new first-individual point of view. Fueled by the RE Motor, repulsiveness achieves overwhelming statures of drenching as players enter a terrifyingly new universe of dread as they battle to survive. This game will give you nostalgic feeling. The horror factor is tremendous.



Arkane Studio’s Prey 2 is a big game of 2017, which revived the developers. This first-person shooting game gives you cinematic experience. Graphics are spot on. The modes, gameplay and the control of this game give you extreme satisfaction. You can play this game on PC, Xbox, and PS4. This game is intriguing and wild at the same time. All you need to do is, board the research vessel and go hunting.


Gravity Rush 2

After the moderate success first part, there were no huge expectations from gravity rush two. However, surprisingly it exceeded all of the expectations. The control options for this game are excellent. The story of this game is very interesting. This game’s character Kat has many abilities. These things make her a mysterious character. The surrounding graphic of this game is of high class.



This is a gem of a fighting and action game. The characters are well designed and movements are flawless. Unlike other action games, your hero will have enough chances, tricks, and ability to regain health. This does not mean you will regain health easily. You can enjoy all samurai fight, dark demon fights, and many more things. This game definitely deserves this position.


Injustice 2

All of your favorite DC comic heroes at one place. This game is just epic. It has excellent artificial intelligence battle scenarios. The gameplay and controls are perfect. It has a good story within the game. The option of versus battles both offline and online is good. You can test your characters ability with different gameplay options.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Surprisingly good. When you hear the word Mario, you think it will be a simple jump, dive, collect resources and avoid obstacles game. However, this one packs a punch. This colorful kingdom of mushrooms with alluring Rabbids makes this game a big success. The turn-to-turn play game engine is a good tactic. The game is engaging and challenging.


Divinity: Original Sin II

No doubt that this game deserves the higher position. However, because of few extreme gameplay options, it is in this position. The game has an excellent tactical suite in it. You will travel to battlegrounds from the silent and lonely farms. The game will hold you so tightly that you will not feel the time.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Another first-person shooter game on the list. This game also has good characters, graphics and action sequences. This game has a good storyline and enough horror quotient to create that uncomforting in the minds of players. This game is superb in every direction and aspects.

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