The Most Anticipated PS4 Open World Games in 2018

The Most Anticipated PS4 Open World Games in 2018

PS4 open world games

Open world games literally allow you to control everything in the gameplay. When you play these games on PlayStation 4, the experience will just amplify. They will have beautiful graphics and amazing world. In this article, we are listing such top most anticipated PS4 open world games to release in 2018


It is one of the most anticipated open-world multiplayer game set to release in 2018. It is an action game with role-playing. Here you will play as a freelancer, who will leave their group to explore the land and water of surrounding world.

Project Wight

This is open world horror game for your PS4. It has created a lot of buzz after its trailer release. Here you will play as a monster and you will teach humanity a lesson that they deserve.

The Crew 2

It is a racing game. After its success in the previous edition, it has become one of the top anticipated racing games of 2018. It has improved graphics and the ground play. You can explore sky, land, and sea in this game.

Days Gone

This is an upcoming PS4 game with a combination of plays. In this game, you will see horror gameplay, adventure, action and the survival. You have to survive to win the game. The monsters are after you. To save yourself Run! Run! Run!

Far Cry 5

It is all set to release on 27 March next year i.e. 2018. It is a first player intense shooter game for your PS4. You can participate in an adventure to ride vehicles to shoot almost everything that comes in your way.

Metro Exodus

Again, this is also a first-person intense shooting game with the awesome storyline. It has an epic setting with high graphics. It is a combination of stealth, combination, survival and horror gameplay. Here it has high immersion gameplay with the world explore the game story.

Mount and Blade 2

Mount and Blade II, the Banner lord is an excellent role-playing game. It is filled with a high degree of action sequences. This epic game consists of archers, kings, heroes and the Battalions from the central woodlands.

The Last of Us 2

This is an upcoming game by naughty dog. Its trailer looks awesome. This game is a combination of horror gameplay, adventure, action and the survival. It is set to release early in the next year. The main concept and theme of this game is hate. However, you will not hate this game for sure.

A Way Out

A way out is a third person perspective game with a lot of adventure and action game set to release around March or April next year. The dates are not confirmed yet. You can even split-screen gameplay in this game.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a combat simulator game. It has created a lot of news but the release date is yet to confirm. This game includes space trading and action-packed adventure.

Crackdown 3

This crime-fighting game is definitely a most anticipated game. They changed the release dates many times.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It is a western theme based action and adventure game. It already has a lot of success because of its previous versions. It will have many stories in it. You need to discover them.


Here you will become a vampire. You will hunt people in the London Street. This is a role-playing game. It has created a lot of expectation in people’s mind.

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