LA Refusing to Relent in 2024 Summer Olympics Bid

LA Refusing to Relent in 2024 Summer Olympics Bid

More than three decades after it last hosted the sporting spectacle, Los Angeles remains toe-to-toe with Paris in its hunt to secure rights as the host city for the 2024 summer Olympics.

According to BBC Sport, those are the two remaining bidders still in the process to potentially be named as host for the 2024 Games, and although France’s capital looks to have stormed in as the frontrunner, L.A. need not relent just yet.

The American heavyweight, renowned the world over as a sunny destination for both citizens of the United States and beyond, has hosted the Games on two occasions in the past (1932, 1984).

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Paris has also hosted the Summer Olympics twice prior to now, in 1900 and 1924, meaning it’s been a wait of more than 80 years since it last welcomed the globe’s top sports stars to its borders, evidence to suggest the French location should perhaps take precedence.

But a spokesman for Los Angeles 2024 summer Olympics has indicated they won’t give up the fight yet, per BBC Sport’s report: “LA is the ideal host city for 2024. LA is not conceding anything in the race for the 2024 Games.”

Bid chair Casey Wasserman did recently indicate Los Angeles may be open to accepting its place as host for the 2028 Olympics, however, and said: “We have never been only about 2024.”

With all competitors fallen by the wayside, Los Angeles and Paris are engaged in a head-to-head for one of the world’s premier upcoming sports showcases, although the duel could be seen as transcending mere sports.

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